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Lead is most commonly used to seal joints between two parts of a roof or masonry in ordinary modern roofs, otherwise known as lead roof flashing. This could be at the bottom of a valley in the roof, but lead is most commonly used for flashing where the roof meets a wall or a structure, such as a chimney stack.

Lead roof solutions

Lead has several advantages for roofing. It's flexible and malleable, making it easy to work around certain roofing features. This property means that it is not susceptible to temperature fluctuations. It is unlikely to crack, unlike many other materials, because it expands easily in hot weather and contracts in cold weather.

Durable Lead Roofing Adelaide

Lead is a very durable material that can last up to three times as long as other materials. It is also fireproof, but most importantly, it is extremely effective at both waterproofing and insulating. Furthermore, it is one of the most recyclable metal roofing materials available.

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Lead has been used for roofing for centuries, particularly on churches, where its flexibility allows it to be easily adapted to complex architectural features. This is typically accomplished by laying lead sheeting over the joists. Your Roof Restoration Adelaide understands the complexities and dangers of working with lead roofing and can fix, repair or replace your lead roofing.

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Lead Roofing Problems

Lead is an extremely toxic metal that can cause serious health problems along with developmental problems in children. However, the danger is usually caused by either touching lead or breathing in particles. With your lead roofing high above you, the risk is almost non-existent.

A more serious problem is that run-off moisture from your roof can erode and contaminate the lead. This shouldn't be a problem as long as the run-off goes straight down the drains, but if you have lead roofing, you should avoid using run-off water in the garden.

Choose an Expert Lead Roofer in Adelaide

The most dangerous aspect of lead roofing is actually working with it. Roofers who work with lead must wear extensive protective equipment and adhere to stringent safety regulations. This means that lead roofing should only be installed by trained professionals who are familiar with the material. If you want to learn more about using lead in your roofing, give Your Roof Restoration Adelaide a call.

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